On March 25th, I defended my dissertation titled Beyond Booms: Fundamentals and Mechanisms of Housing Markets in Decline.

I would like to thank Maastricht University, my family, my friends and colleagues for making this day a wonderful final chord for my years in Maastricht.

I am very grateful to prof. Franz Palm, prof. John Quigley, and prof. Peter Schotman for serving on my evaluation committee and for their invaluable feedback. The esteemed members of the corona, prof. Yongheng Deng, prof. Antoon Pelsser, prof. Dennis Bams, prof. Stefan Straetmans, prof. Jaap Bos, and dr. Sanstad, are thanked for their time, friendliness and, above all, for their challenging questions.

Author: thies

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) for Real Estate Finance, Cambridge