Visualization of Media Coverage on NSA/Prism/Snowden

How much weight do German and international news providers assign to the NSA internet surveillance program PRISM? How does the coverage differ across media outlets?

My brother Wieland and I looked into this question using data collected by our news aggregator We find a strikingly heterogeneous picture: While The Guardian and the Washington Post enjoy an competitive edge due to their direct access to the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, other news providers report significantly less. The New York Times, usually very alert in Internet related topics, dedicates a smaller share of their coverage to this topic.

Within Germany, we also see stark differences: while Spiegel, Sueddeutsche, and Zeit lead the pack, other nationwide news portals cannot keep pace. The full analysis (in German) is published at

Share of NSA-related coverage among top 3 news items per media outlet

Author: thies

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) for Real Estate Finance, Cambridge