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Spring arrived early this year. The apricot is flowering, to the delight of big bumble bees. Let’s hope there will be no more frosty spells.


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“In [Trump’s] world: rent regulated apartments are worth the same as unregulated apartments; restricted land is worth the same as unrestricted land; restrictions can evaporate into thin air; […] and square footage subjective. That is a fantasy world, not the real world.” A. Engoron

Easy New Year’s Resolutions

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Still looking for an easy new year’s resolution? Something that won’t be difficult to do but might make you feel better every time you navigate the Internet?

Run Large Language Models locally

3 minute read

Want to run a large language model (LLM) on your computer? Llamafile makes hosting a LLM chatbot locally as simple as downloading a single file and starting it. That’s all. It took me less than a minute to arrive at my first home-spun text. If you wanted to use Large Language Models (LLM) without sharing all prompts and other data with Big Tech, or integrate a chatbot into a system that you control fully, or simply preferred open-source solutions wherever possible, then llamafile is worth a try. CONTINUE READING …

True Craftsmanship

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I spotted this exceptionally well-made gate not far from home. The oak wood has been hewn, not sawn, giving strength and elegant curves. Connections made in wood, just the hinges are metal. This must have been irrationally expensive to build. Beautiful.

Green Buildings of Silver Street

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Not ideal from a building maintenance point of view… but beautiful. A gutter has been leaking for years and created a truly ‘green’ building on Silver Street. Click for video.

Tulip mania

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An update from the garden: Tulips tulips tulips


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Personal news: I have been elected Grosvenor Professor of Real Estate Finance at the University of Cambridge