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New Publication: The Total Return To Real Estate

1 minute read

New research accepted for publication at the Review of Financial Studies (RFS) suggests that returns to real estate are solid but not exceptional: No sign of a housing risk premium puzzle.

Nothing but hot air…

less than 1 minute read

My previous website went down in flames (or rather: is now hosted in a black cloud).

Machine Learning, Architectural Styles and Property Values

less than 1 minute read

New research accepted for publication at the Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics: This paper couples a traditional hedonic model with architectural style classifications from human experts and machine learning (ML) enabled classifiers to estimate sales price premia over architectural styles, both at the building and the neighborhood-level.

Valuable Words: The Price Dynamics of Internet Domain Names

less than 1 minute read

This article estimates the first constant quality price index for Internet domain names. The suggested index provides a benchmark for domain name traders and investors looking for information on price trends, historical returns, and the fundamental risk of Internet domain names.