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Our department is growing. We are searching for one more Assistant Professor in Real Estate Finance: https://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/43169/

Why apply? Here is my take:

The Department of Land Economy is a true research department with a strong research culture. It is interdisciplinary at its core and at the same time our real estate group has critical mass: You won’t be the lone real estate scholar in a finance/econ department.

Teaching is fun, students are brilliant and diverse: Undergraduate, Master’s, PhD, part-time… We teach specialised real estate modules at all levels and have dedicated real estate programmes at the postgraduate level. Also, the teaching load is relatively low: you will have time for research.

Earlier this year, we hired three wonderful new colleagues—so the new Assistant Professor won’t be the lone newcomer.

Cambridge is well-connected. We have strong research ties with colleagues around the world, both academic and with the real estate industry.

Cambridge is a good place to live and get work done. Expensive, though.

If you have questions, please reach out. Very happy to talk.